Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will take place at SNODO, Corso Castelfidardo 22 at 8:00 PM on the 19th of September. Here is a little description of the location.

For over a hundred years the OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni, an imposing late XIX century industrial complex drove the town’s growth. Abandonment and dereliction ensuing the early 1990s closure, led to their planned demolition, luckily averted. In 2013 Fondazione CRT purchased the 20,000 sq.m. H-shaped building, the offices and the yards and, through Società OGR-CRT, their redevelopment began. One thousand days were required to return them to Turin, converted into a new heart beating on creativity, culture and shows, projected towards the world. Snodo, a unique taste experience blending the great tradition of Piedmontese cuisine with modern techniques like low-temperature cooking, to respect and enhance ingredients, favoring small, local suppliers and combining health and flavor without compromise. is located inside OGR and will welcome you for a welcome cocktail.

Social Dinner

The social dinner will take place at the Centro Congressi Unione Industriali, Via Vela 17 at 8 PM on the 20th of September. Here is a little description of the location.

Four prestigiuous eighteenth-century State Rooms, located in the noble building Marone and Cinzano, historic residence built in 1876 and symbol of the Turinese eclecticism of the end ‘800, and a fascinating garden, will host the social dinner. The food will be prepared by “Circolo La Posta” Restaurant, managed by Genovesio family that starting from 1600 owns the ancient Locanda La Posta, located in Cavour, a small town near Turin, and with an important history on its back.