Technical Program (FINAL)

This page shows the WiOpt 2022 program, including program at a glance and detailed program. All the times in the program refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST, GMT+2). To know when the event takes place in your timezone, simply click on the time (service courtesy of

Important information for authors: Authors should prepare a 20 min. presentation and will have 3-5 additional minutes for answering questions.

Program at a glance

September 19, 2022: Workshops and Welcome Reception
September 20, 2022: Optimization and learning
September 21, 2022: Understanding access and edge
September 22, 2022: Sustainability and challenges

Detailed program

S1: Optimization and performance of algorithms

  1. Analyzing Count-Min Sketch with Conservative Updates
    Sara Alouf (invited talk)
  2. Online Convex Optimization with Switching Costs: Algorithms and Performance
    Qingsong Liu, Zhuoran Li, Zhixuan Fang
  3. On Dynamic Regret and Constraint Violations in Constrained Online Convex Optimization
    Rahul Vaze
  4. Non-asymptotic near optimal algorithms for two sided matchings
    Rahul Vaze, Jayakrishnan Nair

S2: Automatic learning

  1. Enabling Distributed Machine Learning Through Optimal Network Topologies
    Carla Chiasserini (invited talk)
  2. Interference Constrained Beam Alignment for Time-Varying Channels via Kernelized Bandits
    Yuntian Deng, Xingyu Zhou, Arnob Ghosh, Abhishek Gupta, Ness B. Shroff
  3. Bandit Learning-based Online User Clustering and Selection for Cellular Networks
    Isfar Tariq, Kartik Patel, Thomas Novlan, Salam Akoum, Milap Majmundar, Gustavo de Veciana, Sanjay Shakkottai
  4. Differentially Private Linear Bandits with Partial Distributed Feedback
    Fengjiao Li, Xingyu Zhou, Bo Ji

S3: AoI

  1. The Impact of Network State AoI on Throughput in a Wireless SDN
    Clement Kam, Sastry Kompella, Anthony Ephremides
  2. Scheduling to Minimize Age of Information with Multiple Sources
    Kumar Saurav, Rahul Vaze
  3. A Stochastic Hybrid Systems Approach to the Joint Distribution of Ages of Information in Networks
    Mohamed A. Abd-Elmagid, Harpreet S Dhillon

S4: Cellular systems

  1. Untangling Interconnection in the Cellular Ecosystem
    Andra Lutu (invited talk)
  2. Stochastic Muting with Short-range Relay Analysis
    Christian Vitale, Vincenzo Sciancalepore, Vincenzo Mancuso
  3. Towards Reliable mmWave 6G RAN: Reconfigurable Surfaces, Smart Repeaters, or Both?
    Giuseppe Leone, Eugenio Moro, Ilario Filippini, Antonio Capone, Danilo De Donno
  4. Personalized Pricing via Strategic Learning of Buyers' Social Interactions
    Qinqi Lin, Lingjie Duan, Jianwei Huang

S5: Caching and computing

  1. Content Caching with Personalized and Incumbent-aware Recommendation: An Optimization Approach
    Yi Zhao, Zhanwei Yu, Qing He, Di Yuan
  2. Regret-Optimal Learning for Minimizing Edge Caching Service Costs
    Guocong Quan, Atilla Eryilmaz, Ness B. Shroff
  3. Optimal Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Server Systems
    Sanidhay Bhambay, Arpan Mukhopadhyay
  4. Optimal Congestion-aware Routing and Offloading in Collaborative Edge Computing
    Jinkun Zhang, Yuezhou Liu, Edmund Yeh
  5. Scheduling for Multi-Phase Parallelizable Jobs
    Rahul Vaze

S6: IoT

  1. Unsupervised Crowdsourcing with Accuracy and Cost Guarantees
    Yashvardhan Didwania, Jayakrishnan Nair, Hemachandra N.
  2. Optimization of ARQ Distribution for HARQ Strategies in Delay-Bounded Networks
    Jaya Goel, J Harshan
  3. Traffic Control and Channel Assignment for Quality Differentiation in Dense Urban LoRaWANs
    Alessandro Aimi, Fabrice M. Guillemin, Stephane Rovedakis, Stefano Secci
  4. Semantics-Aware Active Fault Detection in IoT
    George J. Stamatakis, Nikolaos Pappas, Alexandros Fragkiadakis, Apostolos Traganitis

S7: Energy-efficiency in the radio access

  1. Energy-Optimal RAN Configurations for SWIPT IoT
    Gianluca Rizzo, Marco G Ajmone Marsan, Christian Esposito
  2. Throughput and Energy Tradeoffs for Retransmission-based Random Access Protocols
    Derya Malak
  3. Energy-Efficient and Radio Resource Control State Aware Resource Allocation with Fairness Guarantees
    Alba Jano, Rakash SivaSiva Ganesan, Fidan Mehmeti, Serkut Ayvasik, Wolfgang Kellerer

S8: Economics and security

  1. Real-Time Recursive Routing in Payment Channel Network: A Bidding-based Design
    Jiayuan Liu, Canhui Chen, Lulu Zhou, Zhixuan Fang
  2. Economics of Multi-Operator Network Slicing
    George Darzanos, Iordanis Koutsopoulos, Katia Papakonstantinopoulou, George Stamoulis
  3. Competition among Ride Service Providers with Autonomous Vehicles
    Arnob Ghosh, Randall A Berry
  4. A timing game approach for the roll-out of new mobile technologies
    Paolo Zappala, Amal Benhamiche, Matthieu Chardy, Francesco De Pellegrini, Rosa Figueiredo
  5. Secret-less secured payment system for inter-broker communications
    Jean-Philippe Abegg, Quentin Bramas, Thomas Noel