Author Video Upload Instructions

Please follow the instructions below and upload your talk slides and video by September 22, 2021.

1. Visit the URL for the online conference website (, click “Sign In”, and then click “Sign Up”.

2. If you haven’t done so in WiOpt 2020, sign up with your name, affiliation, email address, and the registration ID (i.e., the Transaction Basket number) that you were provided when you registered with the conference registration service. If you have already signed up for an account in WiOpt 2020, you can continue to use that account, but you will need to enter your new registration ID from WiOpt 2021.

3. In the activation email you receive, click the link to activate the account.

4. Sign in to your account.

5. Click your avatar on the top right corner, then select “Papers”. You will then see a list of papers you have authored. If you do not see your papers, click the “Add all your authored papers and talks to this list” button. If you still don't see your papers, check the spelling of your name in your profile to make sure that it matches with your name in the author list. If you know your paper number or talk ID, you may also add your paper or talk using your paper number or talk ID directly.

6. Click the 'Upload Video’ button (for talk videos) and the ‘Upload Slides” button (for slides).

7. For uploading videos, click “Select your video as an MP4 file”, select your video file, and then click “Upload”. Please make sure that H.264 is used as the video codec in your MP4 video file. After the upload is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email message. The video will not be available to attendees in the conference until it is approved by the conference chairs. You will receive another email message when your video is approved.

8. For uploading slides, follow similar steps as (7) above.

9. You should now be able to download your video by clicking the “Video” Button and verify that the upload is indeed successful. You will also receive an email message letting you know that your video/slides have been successfully uploaded. Please note that the conference organizers will need to approve the video and slides you uploaded before they can be available on the online conference website.

Attached please also find the step-by-step tutorial of video recording.